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Mosaic Yarn Shop is located in Piccadilly Square:

3117 Franklin Rd SW Roanoke, VA 24014

(540) 685-2285

We are open everyday except Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-6
Wednesday 10-8 Saturday 10-5 Sun 1-5

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time is Ticking away...

Hello KnitSibs! Hope everyone is well and getting all of their projects finished for Christmas and Hannukah. There is still time to get some knitting done for gifts! Hats, Sandy's Pop-up Mittens, scarves, gift certificates, slippers, books, Lantern Moon Bags, Needle Rolls...oh, Endless gifts to make, to give, to receive! I will be giving myself a Pug puppy for Christmas(maybe two) and she/they will need nifty handknit cashmere sweaters to keep their naked underbellies warm and toasty! Remember that we will be open everyday between now and Xmas. Xmas eve we will close at 4pm, plenty of time to get your shopping finished and wrapped under the tree! Hope to see you soon...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where are we? And how often are we here?

Hello Everyone in cyberspace! I wanted to drop a quick note giving Mosaic's hours and address/phone number...
We are located at Bonomo's Plaza, 880 University City Blvd, in Blacksburg Va. next to Five Guys and Starbucks coffee.
Our Phone number is 540.961.4462
Our Hours are Monday thru Sat 10-6pm (Weds. open till 9. Group knitting, all welcome!), Sunday 12-5pm.
If you see anything on this blog you are interested in having us ship to you, we accept all major credit cards including Discover,and we only charge $5 for shipping regardless of how much or how heavy the package will be. We ship Nationwide.

Today was extremely busy at the store today, people getting last minute projects for Christmas, we even had two male college students drop in the learn to knit for gifts for the family. Very know, Guys, woman find it very sexy to see a man knitting. Not many things cooler than that! We still can't figure out why more Men don't knit...funny, when we do teach the willing and unwilling, they always learn it in lightening speed. And the ones that devote some effort to it do beautiful work. Go figure. On another topic, Isnt this a fantastic book?

Just love everything in it, will someone make Gina the tree skirt in it for Christmas? She'll give you a sizable discount at Mosaic and alot of free advice! Even some hugs! Thanks!
Here is a listing of the brands we carry:
Debbis Bliss
Elsbeth Lavold
Claudia Handpaints
Brown Sheep
Laines Du Nord
Louisa Harding
Maggi Knits
Lantern Moon
Addi Turbo
Denise Needles
Lawre's bags
Jade Sapphire
Tahki Stacy Charles
Manos of Uruguay
Swedish yarn
Jo sharp
Coming soon...Blue sky Alpaca, Farmhouse yarns, Pagewood farms, Suss Cousins, Koigu

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mosaic's diverse, albeit crazy employees...

Welcome Yarn Sluts out there, we thought we'd share some pictures of our team, not all, just some...and share a few our our favorite things for the Holidays! Up top is Loren, who is a Va Tech student, Earth Lover Extraordinaire and motorcycle rider! She is showing off a sock she has made out of Jo Sharp for her Grandpa's Ginormous feet. Here is a picture of Jane with her finished Mitten made out of Gedifra Metallic yarn...You have no idea how proud she is of that Mitten! She owns the clothing store "Bonomo's" across the parking lot.

This is Belinda, who says she has Restless Leg Syndome, which is really great for a boss who wants her employees to stay busy! I have a suspicion that she smokes crack in the bathroom. I could be wrong, I have been wrong about stuff like that before. But she has a heart of gold and an fierce earnestness to do good for you! On to the next drug addict (heehee kidding!) is our resident pattern writer, expert knitter, all around great gal, Sandy(in the red). Got a question? She's got the answer. She loves the Knitpicks circulars so I am not sure how long it will be before she gets the pink slip but...

Cause we do have quite a few Denise needles awaiting adoption, especially the new pink ones that donate proceeds of each Kit to Breast Cancer.

Here is Virginia, seamstress for Bonomo's and our occasional helper...she has been knitting for over 60 years so you better believe she can help you with that dropped stitch of yours.
Oh and so much yarn...skeins and skeins and skeins and skeins...40 colors of Cascade 220 for $7. What a value, yes? Below is Debbie Bliss' Pure silk and Pure Cashmere. Get yourself a pair of Ebony Lantern Moon Needles and 6 skeins of Pure Cashmere for Christmas and you will be in Knitting Nirvana. The only thing better? A basket of Pug puppies.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mosaic Yarn Shop celebrates 5 years!

Hey Everybody! This is the official blog of the most fabulous yarn shop on the East Coast! Maybe the best in the US! Maybe the World! OK, I am alittle biased...but we have something pretty special here. We are nestled in the Mountains of SW Va! Blacksburg Va! Home of the HOKIES! Home of the nonexistant good restaurant! (ok, now I am being mean) You can get some excellent wings You can get some amazing skincare that Sarah Jessica Parker buys by the case load, Bioque and you can get a pretty frock or two or three at Bonomo's...but..lets see, this is actually what you came to see...endless glass shelves of delicious Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk, Angora, Wool, Chenille(if we can stand it), cotton...a library of every book your heart desires, sock yarn...sock yarn!. And a down filled sofa to sit on while knitting or crocheting. Yum. Someone actually said that I, the owner and operator of this lovely establishment,reminded them of the "Rachel Ray" of knitting. I am mildly offended by that! Makes me want to pour EVOO all over their latest knitting project.