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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Three of the blankets were hand delivered yesterday in front of Norris Hall. Some of the parents had taken a tour through the building to pray and seek some closure. Cathy and Gina figured giving the blankets with hugs and an explanation of the project, would be a comforting gesture. One of the recipients was a sorority girl from Richmond who had been shot twice in the back of the head. (The bullets grazed her. Talk about Luck.) She was so sweet and charming and she loved her blanket.
"Are you coming back next year?"
"Yep! I love it here. It's so much fun."
Two more parents of victims got their blankets, both in tears and loving their gift. They were amazed at how large and how soft they were. They send their love to all who knitted and crocheted a square for their blanket.

Conversations heard later at Mosaic

"Why didn't they close the school after the first 2 shootings?"

"They thought they had the guy!!!"

"I'm for more guns on campus!"

"I hate guns, less guns, less ease to get them."

"Cho was evil."

"Cho wasn't evil, he was mentally ill."

"You can't close a school that big, that fast."

"Hindsight is 20/20, Steger didn't know Cho was going to later kill 30 people."

"All the warning signs were there!"

"Does Cho have a Hokie Stone with the others?"

"I heard some parents are suing..."

The clicking of the needles got louder and moved faster...we all have more to talk about for years to come here in Blacksburg, in this little yarn shop, one block from Campus.